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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why the YMCA Matters to Fort Thomas

Before I launch into my sales pitch for the YMCA I have to provide a short disclaimer.  I spent 4 years working for the YMCA during college in Lexington and it was truly a great experience.  Since I moved to Fort Thomas in 2004 I have also been a member of the Campbell County YMCA (you may know it as the Fort Thomas Y but it serves the entire county).  Here are just a few ways that our Y has made an impact in the past year:

1. No one is ever denied membership - over $200,000 in subsidy for membership
2. Serves over 1,500 children in programs - of which 20% are on scholarship
3. 500 kids per day in after school programs in Fort Thomas and Newport - keeping kids out of trouble when they would otherwise have too much idle time.
4. Over 800 kids in youth sports per year, many of which are on scholarship

These are just a few of the ways the YMCA has an impact in the community.  Many friends and acquaintances I have talked with over the years that are unfamiliar with the YMCA think it is an over-priced gym.  Some times have questioned why they continue their membership after the big flashy mega gym moves in down the street at half the price and once I remind them about the important role that the Y plays in our community it snaps them back to why they continue to pay for their Y membership. 

I don't want this post to just be a reminder of why you keep your membership but a call to do more.  Membership fees alone could never fund all the programs at the Y which is why they must raise funds in addition to regular membership revenue.  Their goal is over $66,000 and they could use your help.  If you can spare a dime give Shane Ruffin a shout.

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