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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Bit of Housekeeping

- In an effort to increase the amount of trees in Fort Thomas, the Fort Thomas Tree Commission offers residents a cost-sharing program for tree planting just outside the public right-of-way in private front-yard areas. Click here for an application.

Gotta say, some may see this as a frivolous waste of taxpayer money - but I see this as a good investment to maintain our city's image. Now, if we have any levies coming on the horizon whatsoever, I reserve the right to change my mind.

- Coach Dale Mueller has his charitable hat on
. Highlands High School's football players are coming together to help clean up around local residents' houses and give back to those in need.Anyone in Northern Kentucky who has a job for the team can call Mueller at 815-2607.

- Additionally, Mueller is putting his local celebrity to good use again - this time as a citizen. Our message last Sunday at church was entitled "Island Breeze" and detailed the drift of today's youth away from religion. Island Breeze Polynesian spiritual program geared towards youth and will be held on the Ft. Thomas Plaza across from Highlands. Should be high on entertainment value and I will definitely be interested to see what it's all about. The entertainment starts at 6:30, next Wednesday (May 5th).

-After almost a year since breaking ground, the first phase of the new Woodfill Elementary School building is nearing completion.

- The Spruce up for Spring Event at the Fort is this weekend from 1-5. I can't find a link to the event, but here's a PDF link to the city calendar from the City of Fort Thomas' website.

Here's hoping for a dry Sunday.

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  1. Quick correction - "Spruce up for Spring" is Sunday 5/2 from 1 - 5 in the Towne Center (by clock tower)