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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Campbell County Looking for Tax Revenue

 Was it a coincidence that on tax day most everyone I know received their new tax assessment from Campbell County?  Updated tax assessments are a regular occurrence but the timing I have to admit is incredible.  Adding insult to injury of filing my income tax return - we receive notice that we will be paying more in annual property taxes as well.  And we wonder why these Tea Partiers are organizing marches today...

While I really can't argue with my updated assessment I have heard numerous complaints from property owners with higher value homes that have had new assessments in consecutive years with double digit increases despite one of the worst housing markets (if not the worst) in the history of the US.  I would think that increases totaling over 40% from 2008 to 2010 would be a good case for a challenge.  Interestingly enough, while you can challenge your assessment the Campbell County PVA website does not have any information about how to challenge your assessment.  Just choose the Contact link on the left hand menu and give them a call to find out more about the challenge process.

All of this raises the question of whether this is a desperate attempt by the county to raise revenue in the midst of tightening budgets.  Just this past week there was an article in the Enquirer about how the county left open an HR position saving $80,000 / year among other unfilled positions to save money.  While the article does not mention a fiscal crisis one has to wonder if problems are brewing. 

While nothing has been specifically mentioned you have to wonder if the county is also impacted by the Newport Pavilion development delays.  Just last month the Enquirer reported that Newport was struggling with its budget and even paying bills as late as 90 days past due to meet its obligations.  The development was expected to generate hundreds of thousands of sales tax dollars per year but all that is located at the development is Kroger Marketplace and a lot of idle construction equipment.


  1. Another piece you'll find interesting. In Ft Thomas, and likely elsewhere, the total $ funding for schools will be affected by these increases, in a negative way. While the local funding will likely go up, the state funding will go down in a dis-proportional way. So the schools are going to suffer due to these increases.

  2. This really does add insult to injury. In 2009, my small business had a terrible year, a 66% decrease in revenue. At the same time, the county has increased the value of my property 2 times in 6 months, totally 150k. Thanks Campbell County.

  3. Steve pendery has been in office 12 years and raised property taxes 54% thats right 54% it would be higher but a group from the south got up a petition last year when he tried to raise 9.2% in one year. he backed down to a meer 4% that year to aviod the issue going on the ballot to be voted Kevin Sell this year.

  4. Look up Daniel K. Braun. the PVA administrator, look at his taxes, since 2010 his taxes went down, then in 2012 he had the board of appeals lower it do to structural damage.. from net Asmt 312,052 to a mere 125,000. it Is condemned or structurally compromised how is he still living there?