Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fort Thomas Making National News

First, a big congratulations to the Fort Thomas Independent Schools for making the Forbes list of the Top 25 School districts in the nation.  The only other area district to make the list was Mason schools just up I-71.  Most of the top 25 schools were located in the Northeast but Fort Thomas made the cut.  A well deserved recognition.

In addition to this recognition, our friends over at the Newport Pavilion Fan Page on Facebook managed to catch wind of filming of an upcoming Biggest Loser episode at the Kroger Marketplace in the Newport Pavilion.  I know, I know that technically isn't Fort Thomas but I spend more time there than anywhere else in Fort Thomas.  Anyway, if you are fans of Ali, Bob and the gang then you may want to tune in on April 27th to see exactly what they were filming in our area.

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