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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Highlands Spring Break

In the wake of the tragedies surrounding the deaths of two local teens during their Spring Breaks, I started to recount some of the spring breaks I took during my time at Highlands.

My parents dreaded taking us to Panama City, but we went for what seemed like 5 consecutive years because my sister and I begged them to take us there so we could be with our friends. They didn't like going because:

A) It was Fort Thomas South - you couldn't get away, even when you were away.
B) Panama City weather was hit or miss at best in early April.
C) Even if you want to, you can't possibly keep your eyes and ears on a 16-18 year old high school kid during Spring Break.

Saying that and looking back on it, they did take us for two big reasons:
A) They were great parents and wanted to spend quality family time on vacation.
B) They tried to keep their eyes and ears on 16-18 year old high school kids during Spring Break.

Kids will be kids and no matter what you do, you can't protect them from everything. I know there are different circumstances with both local deaths which are independent from each other, but when did high school spring break become what seems like a college spring break free for all?

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