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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vernon Pool Update

As summer approaches and the Memorial Day Weekend is a few short weeks away thoughts turn to swimming pools - one of the few refuges from 90 degree heat.

I wrote some months ago about the challenges of the Vernon Pool and how new state regulations on pools were forcing the Vernon Pool to make some hard choices.  The original plan included completely gutting the current pool shell to provide the drainage and filtration that was required by the new mandates.  However a compromise design has been approved and work should start soon.

The compromise includes using the existing pool shell and building the features in and around the shell to avoid the extremely high costs of tearing out the shell and rebuilding.  For anyone who has swam in the Vernon Pool you may be familiar with the large drop off from the shallow end to the deep end and the final design may include a traditional progression to the deep end.  The plans also include a small expansion to accommodate stepping into the shallow end as opposed to the ladder that exists today.  Additional decking will be added as well.

Even with the added costs it appears most of the current bond holders will retain their ownership and the few unsold bonds have been committed with the exception of one.  So if you are on the Fort Thomas Swim Club list and want a private pool today without waiting behind 400 people this may be your last chance for some time.


  1. I can't find any information on Vernon Pool any where! Can someone help?

  2. contact Laura at for more information