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Monday, May 24, 2010

Earth Mother Market - More Than You Might Expect

I received an update last week on the vendors that have signed up for the Earth Mother Market and I have to say I am impressed.  As a regular weekly patron of Findlay Market there are a lot of familiar names that make me excited about this season of Earth Mother Market.

Two names that have a common thread - Blue Oven Bakery and the Frommeyers' Gelato are both Frommeyer businesses.  In case the name is not familiar the extended family also run the best pizzeria in Northern Kentucky, Buona Vita in Dayton.

Blue Oven Bakery brings a large rack of fresh made bread to Findlay Market every weekend and they are generally sold out shortly after noon each day.  This despite the fact that more and more bread vendors have been added at Findlay.  This is a great add to the Earth Mother lineup.

I don't mean to make this post just about Frommeyer businesses so here is the complete list of vendors planned to sell their goods:
  • Atwood Village Farms - plants, produce, flowers and baked goods
  • Blue Oven bakery - breads made in an Earth Oven
  • Breezy Acers - grass fed beef
  • Cox Family farms - grass fed beef
  • Fab Ferments - fermented foods made with local organic and sustainable produce
  • Fox Run Farm - produce, herbs and flowers
  • Greensleves Farm- produce , plants , Sunflower Sundries products
  • Luke Ebner and family - micro greens and produce
  • Napoleon Ridge Farm - produce, eggs
  • Natures Harbor farm - produce, eggs, grass fed meats
  • Nick Frommeyer - Gelato (Italian style Ice Cream) using local fruits

 My biggest disappointment about the market is that it is only open from 3- 7 on Wednesdays which means I only have a prayer of getting there between 6 and 7.  Thank God that my wife is on maternity leave and can pack up the kids for a nice afternoon at the Stables building.  I have just one request - expand your hours so I can enjoy it too.

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  1. I agree with your complaint. I wish the hours were extended to at least 8:00 or have the market 2 days a week. I love going up there and getting fresh veggies that I can't grow at my house. Thanks to all the vendors/farmers!