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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fort Thomas News - Cinco de Mayo

A few quick updates on some stories of interest to you:

  1. The Enquirer confirmed what I have reported in the past which is that there is no hope for progress anytime soon on the Newport Pavilion development.  Despite high hopes by the city manager that things will be resolved and back on track in 4 months - any progress has to be a pipe dream.  A new detail emerged in the story that includes the cost of the repairs at $3 million which will be split $1 by Sanitation District 1 and $2 million by Bear Creek.  Who in their right mind would think Bear Creek is going to find $2 million to fix the drainage situation when they have been sued by every contractor and bank in the area?
  2. Grant opportunity for Fort Thomas: This week's Soapbox Media profiles a funding opportunity for green buildings by local communities looking to improve their energy efficiency.  This is a great opportunity for the city to upgrade facilities such as the city building or some innovative uses of funds for park structures.
  3. Shane Ruffin leaving the Campbell County YMCA and headed for a position in Dallas as an Executive Director at a branch in that Texas city.  Wish him well the next time you see him.
  4. Now that I have the Twitter for Blackberry application I plan to start updating with interesting pictures / thoughts from around town that may not warrant a post on the blog.  You can see my posts on the right hand menu bar.  Follow me to get up to the minute thoughts.
  5. Speaking of which, I have included a picture in a recent twitter post of a sign for a business in town promoting a service to help you contest your property valuation.  When I wrote this post a couple weeks ago about the new assessments I must not have been the only one that noticed how ridiculous the counties assessments were.  
  6. The concept of going after high value homes as a revenue source for municipalities is not confined to Campbell County either.  Hamilton County is reviewing a proposal by David Pepper to add an additional assessment on properties valued over $153,000.  All this makes me wonder where our governments are going to find an end to ridiculous revenue schemes.  With tax receipts way down and governments from Greece to Campbell County avoiding hard decisions I am sure we have not seen the end of outrageous tax ideas. 


  1. really a shame pendery and otto let the crooks loose on campbell county in newport and dayton
    not bad enough they raised taxes to the limit now they are behind raising your assessments to taxes even higher for projects like this ? we need kevin sell help spread the word, even jim bunning is fed up with spendery!

  2. Campbell County is still an inexpensive place to live, the way, good riddance to Shane...maybe the Y will get some of its members back...