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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pergola Follow Up

Had a number of responses from the last article written on the property formerly known as Pergola - the consensus seems to be that there is a missing commodity on 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave. It wasn't just me that missed the patio.

I did track down Danny Krebs, who owned Pergola. While he echoed the same sentiment that Rick Warner did regarding not being able to talk about the past issues, he was able to update me about he and his wife, as well as the head chef and son, Jake.

"I've tried my hand at several businesses," Krebs said. "Some have been successful, some not as much as otheres. Right now, I'm enjoying my time with my family and my new grandson."

Jake Krebs is currently working at The Quarter Bistro in the Mariemont Square. "He's working his way up from the bottom there, but he is learning a lot," Krebs said.

Looking at the menu, it seems like Pergola was trying to emulate the feel that this restaurant has. A little bit pricier - but it does have a patio - which is all I really wanted when I started down this story's path.

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