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Monday, May 3, 2010

Primary Election Overview - Fort Thomas Interests

Two weeks from Tuesday is election day and while it may only be a primary race there are many interests for Fort Thomas residents.  Typically in Kentucky the primary elections have only a fraction of the voter turnout that a general election gets so the race may not be as exciting as the general election but that is no reason to not turn out in order to get the best candidates facing off in November.

This election does not have any Fort Thomas city races - Mary Brown is running unopposed and the council race only has 7 candidates which means no primary is necessary and the top 6 vote getters in the general election gets the office.  But just because there are no city races doesn't mean that there is not a local interest in county races. 

It can be difficult to know who qualified candidates are in a general election but even more so for local races in the primary.  That is why the best resource available for candidate information is the election page of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  This site is a great place to start for what is a very active primary season.  The Enquirer has compiled candidate responses into a database that provides some great information - feel free to email the candidates directly from there for any further questions to confirm your vote.

One race that has generated a lot of attention is the County Attorney's race - Republican ticket which pits Chris Macke against Steve Franzen.  Many Fort Thomas residents (especially those that watch Fox 19 or go to Ruth Moyer) know the Mackes.  I do not know Chris but I do play racquetball with Steve on Monday mornings and he is a great guy with a nasty kill shot on the racquetball court.  A quick look and the edge has to go to Steve on experience alone and their platforms are similar.

The Republican race for Judge Executive has a Fort Thomas flavor as well.  Steve Pendery, the incumbent is of course from Fort Thomas and served as both mayor and on the council.  Pendery is getting a stiff challenge from Kevin Sell and I have to admit that with recent county actions on property taxes I will have to give a long look at Kevin.

Any other races interest you?  Any thoughts on other candidates?  Feel free to debate in the comments section.

1 comment:

  1. pendery clearly likes to raise taxes 54% on his watch now that he cant raise rates he is going thru the back door and raising assessments to ridiculous levels which MUST BE APPELED BEFORE MAY 14 or you are too late!
    best way to fight taxes is vote kevin sell may 18th!