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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Linx

Just a few things to chew on this morning, after your cereal bowl is empty.

- 2 close races in the primary election for two Fort Thomas residents as Steve Pendery of Fort Thomas edged out Kevin Sell by 150 votes to secure a spot on the ballot for Campbell County Judge-executive.

- Tim Fischer of Fort Thomas was edged out by incumbent Tauyna Nolan Jack for Campbell Circuit Clerk.

One bit of interesting news from that campaign came as Nolan Jack credited Facebook and social media in general for getting her over the hump. Goes to show you how our caffeinated society is ever changing.

- Three Bluebirds are continuing their basketball careers in college.

- I know Darrin has touched on it extensively, but the similarities between the Kroger in Kenwood and the new one in Newport are eerie. Let's hope Newport and Bear Creek figure it out.

- Finally, I told them I would, so here's my shout out to the Under 12 girls Lady Hawks soccer team, who I help coach. Today is their last game at Tower Park. Let's hope we end the season on a good note.


  1. Day after the election pendery revealed the new budget, secret till then, guess what another of his 4% tax increases, thanks to all those who voted him back to continue his taxing and spending

  2. In fact, there are a couple of important dissimilarities between the Newport and Kenwood Krogers: 1) The Kenwodd Kroger is (was) a fresh fare concept which, while novel, was not a home run 2) the Kenwood location also banked on serving a large office complex which obviously never materialized. Newport has no such issue.