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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Traditional Media is Dead - Follow Fort Thomas Matters

I found this quote from a recent Motley Fool article about investing in traditional media:

"The drill of chasing the week's news to add a couple of hard-fought new details is not sustainable," Meacham said when unveiling Newsweek's new strategy last year. He was right. Unfortunately, neither was the new model. And that's a shame.

I believe this quote sums up the problems that newspapers, nightly news, magazines, etc are faced with today.  With phones that now double as personal media devices each person is now their own customized media mogul. 

Content is still king in this landscape but the content providers have shifted from large media conglomerates to friends, neighbors, and local bloggers that are closer to the news and are able to spread information more quickly.  Frankly this is the reason that this site has become as popular as it has and continues to grow email subscribers, website visitors, twitter followers, etc.  Mark and I live in this community and we see and hear things everyday that a writer for the Enquirer that covers half of Northern Kentucky can not do.

Case in point; this weeks Recorder / Enquirer coverage of Fort Thomas.  Two of the three primary articles that were published this week was covered by this blog and social media:

1. Highlands Drama Program's booster club, Standing Room Only was reported on by this blog on April 14th - nearly an entire month prior to this story.  And frankly our story was more thorough and included an interview with Jason Burgess.

2. YMCA getting some support from local volunteers (Fort Thomas Provides - FTP) and coverage of it including the announcement of this work effort on May 16th on their LinkedIn site. 


  1. I think you both do a great job reporting on Fort Thomas news. I wish more people would comment on the post. I believe there would be more discussion and maybe even good ideas!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank your for your kind words. We always hope to engage our readers in the conversation. Continue to spread the word about our site with your friends and neighbors.