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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fort Thomas Crime; A Bicycle Connection?

The Nixle service has come in handy again as two recent crime alerts that have gone unpublicized but that could threaten your home.

Last week the Fort Thomas Police Department issued an alert regarding what the department characterized as [experiencing] an unusual amount of bicycle thefts.  The department encouraged citizens to keep their bikes secured and to keep a record of model and serial number in the event of a theft to aid in any recovery and aprehension.

Then today the Department issues another alert regarding a break-in on Tower Hill.  The alert reads as follows:
On 6/16/10 at approximately 8:10 AM a house was burglarized on Tower Hill in Fort Thomas. The homeowner heard a noise and went outside to investigate. A white male riding an older style BMX bicycle was seen riding away from the house towards Rt. 8/ Mary Ingles Hwy. Upon seeing the subject quickly leaving, the basement window was found broken and open. The white male was believed to be in his mid 40's, very short sandy hair with a larger build. He was wearing a green t-shirt with khaki shorts. The bike he was riding was described as being way to small for his size, and was described as an older style BMX with straight handle bars.
Is there any coincidence that the perpatrator was riding a BMX bike that wasn't exactly made for him?

In all seriousness - stay vigilent against anyone that looks suspicious.  Also, as a reminder it is easy to sign up for the Nixle service and it can keep our community safe so spread the word.

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