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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summa, Summa, Summatime

No doubt about it. The slush puppies and square pizzas were a plenty this past weekend at the Ft. Thomas Swim Club. I didn't venture down James Ave - partly because I'm not on my family's membership anymore, but also because I knew I would get entangled in the teenage bike brigade, the mom minivan mania and general Memorial Day madness that is opening weekend.

But daggone it, what I wouldn't give for a blue/green slush puppy and a pizza. After talking to some people I know who are not too far ahead of me on the waiting list, I doubt I'll have to wait that much longer to revel in my childhood summer breakfast of champions.

I talked to Lori Bardgett, who sits on the FTSC board and she confirmed that the membership numbers had been increased from 525 to 550 members at the October 2009 annual meeting after increasing its numbers by 25 in 2007.

According to Bardgett about 20-25 memberships are terminated each year. With the increase in membership numbers, the swim club went through 80 names on the waiting list to let in 51 new members this year. "What I have found this year is that we are starting to get to names on the waiting list of people who applied when they graduated from high school. Many of these applicants have not yet returned to Ft. Thomas or are not yet financially ready to join," Bardgett said. "It is my feeling that we may go through more names in the next few years due to this fact."

The expedited wait list is getting me ever closer to those slush puppies. In the meantime, I'll have to substitute it for an Icee at Convenient. And yes, if you're counting I've mentioned slush puppies three times during this post.

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