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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update on Newport Target

There was a little ray of hope today in news that a planned Target in Blue Ash has started to see some positive forward momentum.  Why do you care about the proposed Blue Ash Target?  Because it provides signals about what Target may be thinking regarding the Newport Pavilion location.

It is difficult to miss the similarities between the proposed Blue Ash location and the proposed Newport Pavilion location.  Blue Ash also approved the development in December of 2008 but has been stalled largely due to stalled expansion plans as a result of the economic slowdown.  Also, at the time Target indicated a 2009 construction start date with opening in summer of 2010 - sound familiar?

Beyond the similarities two things stand out in the article:
  1. The quote by the Target spokesman: "Typically, Target does not share the specifics of our new locations more than one year out of the scheduled opening.  The reason for this timing is to avoid disappointment and/or misinformation within a community if store opening plans change."  I am sure this has nothing to do with other developers hanging a giant sign outside a large empty lot, next to a very busy highway and then watch the development stall for over a year while they go bankrupt.
  2. Target does appear to be quietly working behind the scenes to start their expansion back up again.  This bodes for Newport Pavilion... assuming they can get the drain fixed.

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