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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Warning to Criminals: Fort Thomas Police Will Catch You

On the heels of two recent posts on Fort Thomas Matters, regarding crime - Fort Thomas police announced that "good old police work" helped nab two criminals who robbed the US Bank on Fort Thomas Avenue, last Saturday.

"My hat goes off to Lt. Whitford and Gadzala, Det. Moening, Officers Goshorn, Dietz, Hunt, Redmond Sgt. Windgassen, Kilgore and SWAT Team members,"
said Chief of Police, Mike Daly. "All of these officers mentioned played a key role one time or another throughout this case. Also, the citizens around Northern Kentucky were great in calling in tips. Great team effort.

Officer Chris Goshorn, a 15-year veteran, recalled that one of the suspects once lived in Fort Thomas and had several run-ins with police, Lt. Richard Whitford said. But the identification was just the start of the work. Officers worked for 29 hours before the arrests to check his background, follow several tips and watch the suspects.

The robbery was only the second bank heist in Fort Thomas in about 18 years.

"We will not put up with that," Lt. Richard Whitford said.

To me, the last quote says it all. Say what you want about the "revenue enhancement" the Fort Thomas Police Department has when it comes to being sticklers on the speed limits, but this type of work makes me feel like the taxes we pay to live here are worth every penny.

This is our city and we will not submit to criminals. Now if the kids would just stop blasting their daggone bass in their cars.

Geez, I'm getting old.

2 quick point of references for the Police Dept:

1) The Fort Thomas Police Dept. homepage is here.
2) The Fort Thomas Nixle service (breaking police updates) is here.

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