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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Bicycle Bandit Strikes Again

 While we have to commend the Fort Thomas Police for cracking the bank robbery from 2 weeks ago - another bandit continues to give the police fits.  It appears the same guy that we reported on a few weeks ago after breaking into the house on Tower Hill continues to burglarize homes and get away on a bicycle.

Seriously Fort Thomas?  We can't catch this guy?  What is he even burglarizing?  I can't imagine that he is riding down the street with a large flat screen tucked under his arm.  Just read the Fort Thomas Police description of the incidents:

It is believed that the subject knocks on the door of a home and if someone answers he may reply that he is looking for a dog.  If no one comes to the door, he makes entry.  The suspect is described as a male white, 5'10",around 30 years old, thin build wearing tan shorts and a brown tank top.  Ths suspect is also believed to be riding a bicycle to and from the crime. 

So the next time someone matching this description rides up to your home on a bike, knocks and asks if you have seen his dog please let the police know.

1 comment:

  1. I hope he makes his way to my street. He will find a dog - If he is lucky. Otherwise he will find me, who is home on random days and hours. The last person who burglarized me (in another city) got a year in the clink (and royally embarassed with a rather harsh takedown).