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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Collinsworth, Hoge, Chambers: The Decision

1997 Highlands Graduate Will Chambers

In a week that saw the world being captivated by the decision of one Lebron James deciding where he was going to play basketball for the foreseeable future, Fort Thomas resident Will Chambers chose where he would be taking his broadcasting talents next year.

"After several weeks of weighing my options by talking with a number of people close to me and understanding that what is paramount for me is to continue to develop my craft, I agreed to a new deal with Georgetown College to return as their lead football analyst and #2 play-by-play announcer, paired again with my partner and great friend Randy Phillips," Chambers said.

The last time Fort Thomas Matters chronicled Chambers' broadcasting in January, Chambers was finishing up school and trying to decide which road he would take next. After being nominated as one of the top 20 collegiate sports broadcasters in the country, that decision is now behind him.

"I have endured an incredibly tough several months leading up to graduation and pursuing my dream of being a national level broadcaster, but I am put at ease knowing how much Georgetown wanted me to return and the fact I am going back to a place that feels very much like home to me."

Cris Collinsworth. Merrill Hoge. Will Chambers. Let's get behind him.

Here's an example of Will doing his thing.
My favorite part has got to be the fact that the background music is the very same as the score in Major League. Classic.

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