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Monday, July 26, 2010

Economic Matters

Catchy title for a blog, huh?

Fort Thomas resident, Janet Harrah, the senior director for economic analysis and development at Northern Kentucky University, started blogging yesterday for Cincinnati.Com.

The blog, titled Economic Matters, will explore how national and local economic trends impact our everyday lives. To date, she's posted 3 times and the information so far has been Northern Kentucky slanted - which is definitely good news for us. Wonder if Janet will let Darrin guest blog regarding some thoughts on Fort Thomas.

A few examples of her statistical data thus far. Click on the picture to view it larger Or just go here, to view her blog, and tell em Fort Thomas Matters sent ya:

One more point before I sign off. In "You Have To Laugh Because It Keeps You From Crying" news, Janet's latest chart details the change in jobs from June 2008 to June 2010. Only 2 job sectors out of 12 had positive growth. Education and Health Care were combined and grew 2.7%

The biggest gainer in jobs: The Federal Government at a whopping 13%. No more commentary necessary. I'll let you take that up in the comments section.

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