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Friday, July 9, 2010

Google Streetview & Fort Thomas

I noticed a few days ago that Google has completed its Streetviews of all Fort Thomas streets.  In 2007 Google made their first pass through Fort Thomas hitting the primary streets such as Fort Thomas Avenue, Grand, etc.

I happened to notice though that it appears all streets including small and rarely traveled side streets such as the one I live on - Lumley has now been imaged by Google and their odd multi-camera van.

Why is this interesting you might ask?  It is interesting for several reasons including:
  • It makes it easier to find things around town
  • If you are house shopping it helps give you a feel for who your neighbors would be
  • It feeds the voyeristic tendancies of our information culture
  • Lastly, it proves my hypothesis that there are always at least 18 people on the sidewalks in Fort Thomas at any given time.   
By way of reference, as I moved down Fort Thomas Avenue on Google Streetview from 248 N Fort Thomas Avenue to 4 N Fort Thomas Avenue I counted 27 people on the East side of the street alone.  One could argue that Google's images were taken during the middle of the day when you would expect a lot of people to be on the streets.  However, my experiences include going for a run at 5am and walking home from friends' houses at midnight and I have never been able to count less than 18 people over 1.5 miles or so of streets.

Walking communities are truly great! 

Back to Google streetview - if you are bored someday and looking for something to do take a trip down your street and see if you can find a neighbor out in his front yard or a friend walking down the street.

A couple other features that Google has added to their maps program include a terrain map and bicycle routes.  You can find these features under the 'More' Options within Google Maps.


  1. Lazy people, myself included, would love a link to this Darrin. haha.

    Don't forget, running club this morning 8:30.

  2. I discovered this a couple of years ago. When I checked on my own address I was surprised to see myself standing on the porch. Kind-of weird to think I'm immortalized in Googles archives. But, it goes to prove your point about people always being out and about in Ft. Thomas.