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Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Fodder for Noise Ordinance Nuisances

I was going to just post a comment on Darrin's previous post, but I had a little too much to post and that font is just too daggone small.

It was merely coincidence that in the July 13th NKY Life Section of the Enquirer, an article ran on Newport's goal of having more outside dining. But with anything, when an issue is brought to the front burner, it seems as if it just gets talked about more.

The article basically talks about how Newport has realized that due to zoning restrictions, businesses on Washington Ave (Pompilio's, Mansion Hill Tavern, et all) has not previously been able to have any outdoor dining in the public right of way.

Instead of the city councilmen and mayor turning a blind eye, they have become engaged and been proactive in helping these businesses to succeed.
"They (the restaurants with with outdoor dining such as Newport Pizza Co. and Sis's on Monmouth Ave) have done quite well," said Newport Mayor Jerry Peluso. "Not only do people see others outside enjoying themselves, I think it also tells people it's safe out."

For the most part, the safety aspect is already taken care of in Fort Thomas, but when Pergola's was humming last summer, it was nice to see the patio packed with your neighbors. It is nice to people carousing and carrying on at The Pub or The Midway. It's a shame that our local government hasn't gotten this right.

Shortly after Darrin ran his post about the ridiculousness of the noise ordinance this past week, I received a message from a business owner thanking us for getting this message out. Businesses are responsible for their patrons. This should be an easy fix.

(Author's note: Now if the city would impose a noise ordinance of blaring car stereos that ride by my house, that would be ordinance I would welcome with open arms. Rant over)

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  1. Why is the city picking on the businesses and the restaurants? They need to rein in the school noise for residential areas near the schools. Band camp & drums till 8 pm, football game rowdies till all hours, rude parents blocking my driveway, drunk teens slamming car doors at midnight, school drop off parents not stopping at stop signs b/c they are texting. Freakin' sick of it. Hate paying taxes for entitlement kids and their badly mannered, noisy parents.