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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Candy Store Opening in Fort Thomas

A new candy store is opening in Fort Thomas in the vacated space left behind by the Tracy Davis agency who recently moved next to the 915.  The store will be called the Candy Cottage and current plans are for an opening on August 7th. 

The owners were in over the weekend and even put up a sign indicating their impending opening.  They also were active during the 4th of July parade over the weekend passing out some homemade candy of their own.

Initial plans are just for candy put ultimately the Bucklers hope to expand to other confectionaries such as soft serve ice cream and slushees.   I would hope that they put some unique twists on soft serve and slushees since the Convenient Market is more or less a go to for the standard cold treat. 

Any suggestions for Fort Thomas' soon to be newest business?


  1. No suggestions, just a welcome. I can't wait until you are open.

  2. How about a street address for the new candy store? Not everybody who reads this blog knows where the Tracy Davis agency used to be.

  3. I can't wait for them to open and I do believe I will be visiting them. I suggest they have alot of sweet stuff (homemade and well known brands). And I love the idea of them incorporating a soft serve machine and slushi machine eventually. I think they should/could turn into a candy shop/ice cream shop kinda like a schneiders or sweet tooth or dairy cream. I also think it would be cool if they did start serving soft serve or icecream if they would make a patio for outside seating. Also Maybe they could serve coffee to, Keep the candy at heart but add stuff to what you sell.

  4. It is right next to the old Warners / Pergola restaurant - I think the actual address is 10 North Fort Thomas Avenue

  5. Will they be hiring ?

  6. As you mentioned, convenient seems to be the go to place for soft serve -- despite the fact that you can only get vanilla ice cream since the chocolate side is STILL broken.

    I can envision the candy store having better success with scoopable ice cream in various flavors -- much like UDF.