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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newport Pavilion Target Construction Underway

There are signs of progress at the Newport Pavilion.  The above picture was snapped by friends of the Newport Pavilion Fan Page on Facebook and indicate fairly significant progress in a very short period of time.

The large drainage pipe has still not been fixed and according to Kroger there is no opening date yet for the Fuel Station.  However, Target must have enough confidence in the location and traffic counts at the Pavilion that they are willing to take a chance.  This despite a conflict between the City of Newport, Sanitation District, and Bear Creek which will likely end up in court.

Target is generally able to complete construction on a store within 9 months which puts a potential opening date in April 2011.  I have reached out to several contacts and no one can confirm that this is Target.  However, judging by the size of the footprint and the location of the building this matches what was expected with the Target.

Who knows - we could be a matter of months from your choice of Michael Graves cookware, Isaac Mizrahi clothing or Amy Coe baby items.


  1. Thanks to the fans over at the Newport Pavilion Fans on Facebook for being the first reporters on scene, so to speak. The walls seem to appear like a pheonix rising from the ashes, so to speak again. Join our fan page at

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on the Newport Pavilion. It's exciting to see things moving again.

  3. The building in question is definately Target. The pipe is almost fixed that would be the construction site fenced in to the left of the Gas station. Kroger purchased the land from Bear Creek some time ago. But it will not hit the news due to the Kenwood project being held up in the courts. There are several leins that are being worked out so other stores can open. Several are still interested in building on the site. As for the work on the pipe, Newport and the Sanitation have a grant to fininsh the work and Bear Creek had money set aside to fix the pipe before it was caught running the scams. But Kroger is very satisfied with how well it has done so far on the site. It is one of the busiest Krogers in the Tri state area.