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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noise Ordinance & Impact on the Midway

The picture on the left (top) was taken at 9:57pm tonight and the picture on the right (bottom) was taken at 10:01 pm tonight just outside the Midway Cafe.  This is the impact of the current noise ordinance that renders the recent Midway streetscape useless.

I happened to be seated at the table in the foreground and was told by our waitress that we had to vacate the sidewalk at 10 or they would be fined.  As it turns out the Pub was recently cited and fined as well and a hearing is scheduled for next week that could lead to even more troubles for Midway businesses.

A little history on the ordinance; it apparently began in response to the 915's request to have outdoor dining several years ago.  The ordinance was put in place to protect those homeowners surrounding the 915.  I believe these residents can still be protected by designating certain business districts with varying noise time frames.

Of the people that were on the outdoor patio tonight - 80% left and went home.  Is this really how we want to support our businesses in Fort Thomas? 

A friend recently asked a council member about the noise ordinance and they didn't even know about it - talk about being out of touch with the needs of the community.  How do we make council aware?  Many are gathering at the council meeting this coming Monday night - August 2nd - to let their voice be heard.  You can as well.

To further illustrate how absurd this ordinance is for the Midway, after 10pm those that did stick around could move to the back patio on the Midway's property.  This patio overlooks several homes that were insulated from the noise when the patrons were on the front patio and facing the traffic.  All this ordinance has accomplished is creating more noise for the residents that live behind the Midway that could have been blended into the passing traffic on Fort Thomas Avenue.
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  1. What is up with our city council?? Why even have one?? This makes absolutely NO sense! The fact that they don't even know about the ordinance is just pitiful! We all need to get to the meeting and let them know we support our businesses and they need to review many outdated laws. Thanks Darrin for letting us know about it.

  2. Im with the city on this one. Would be pissed if I couldnt sleep bc rough looking characters (like from the pictures you posted) were drinking whiskey and discussing illicite drug use at 1015pm.