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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Other Changes in Fort Thomas Retail

A few other notes regarding changes in retail options in Fort Thomas:

1. Fort Thomas Pizza is now serving lunch.  Everyday (including Sunday) from 11am until the normal closing date.  I have written about the craziness that was a 4pm opening time on football Sundays and it is good to see Fort Thomas Pizza responding. 

2. There had been some consideration in moving the location of the Earth Mother Market away from the Stables Building and on to the newly completed plaza on the corner of River Road and South Fort Thomas Avenue across from the Olde Fort Pub.  The move happened today and I am sure the higher visibility had to have helped the foot traffic.  As I mentioned in a previous post the bread from Blue Oven Bakery has been a huge success and is generally sold out by 5pm and the gelatto from the Frommeyers has also been a big hit as well.  My only and continuing complaint is the hours - my work schedule (especially lately) doesn't have me getting home until 6 most week days.

1 comment:

  1. One big reason why Fort Thomas Pizza has new hours is because it is under new ownership. I know a few family members of the former owners that worked there at one point of time and they tell me that the new owner paid cash for the business. So the new owner tells me that everything will stay the same but he is going to obviousily change the hours (like 11 to 10 I believe he said and 11 to 1am on the weekends, I can't remember the exact hours but it will be open earlier and closing later), possibly add new items to the menu, and he is remodeling the place to. I look forward to the changes in store at Ft. Thomas Pizza. On another note he seems to be a nice guy to.