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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pergola Menu at the Pub & Support for Businesses Beyond 10pm

Danny Krebs is at it again.  Pergola may have closed some months ago but he is now cooking some of his best foods at the Fort Thomas Pub.  Starting this past Thursday the Pub began serving some of his best dishes to their patrons. 
If you thought you would die without Pergola's flatbread and humus then fear not as you can now buy it at the Pub and sit on the patio and enjoy.  The hours for food will be from 5 o'clock until late.  The menu includes several types of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a couple types of pizzas and now provides another dining choice in Fort Thomas.  And if the weather cools off another outdoor dining option.

Speaking of outdoor dining options, I do like the new wider sidewalks along the Midway and they now can accomodate diners or happy hours but it is dangerously close to street.  Here is a picture I took with a few friends the other night at the Midway which should give you some perspective.  (Apologies to John Homer and Marc Kirschenbaum - this was the best picture I had)

The City Continues Anti-business Actions
I have also heard complaints from business owners along the new streetscape of the Midway that they are being told to close down the patios at 10pm by the Fort Thomas Police to enforce the city's noise restrictions.  10pm?  really?  During the summer (which is when these new patios are most in use) there is sometimes even still sunlight left at dusk at 10pm. 

While streetscapes make the area look nice it alone does not create a vibrant business community.  It must be accompanied by rules and regulations that support businesses and this is a great example of such a code that absolutely kills the culture of fun that could be created with expanded patios for our local businesses.

A great example of where this worked well is in Olde Montgomery (pictured above).  When they renovated their main street several years ago they even built in a small performance pavilion at the intersection of Cooper and Montgomery Roads for live prformances.  This is now a key part of the life and activity that you can see when you walk among the shops - and well past 10pm.  A 10 o'clock curfew for fun not only doesn't support businesses like the Midway, Fort Thomas Pizza, and the Pub but also kills the very atmosphere that you would want along your business district.

This rediculousness along with other anti-business codes such as the requiremnt to complete additional off-street parking has to be changed if the city wants a real return on their streetscape investment.  Otherwise we just wasted millions of tax payer dollars to put a nice facade on the status quo.


  1. Very well written! I could not agree with you more. I like the outside option. It lifts the atmosphere just by walking by and seeing others enjoying the outside, friends, and supporting local business.

    I also agree that it is very close to the road and the islands are much too large when driving too.

    I think 10pm is early when going out at night, but I also think of the residents that live behind and across the street from the local pubs and restaurants. If I lived there would I want to hear the bars at 12:00am and have to get up and go to work the next day. Just a thought....

  2. I have lived in Fort Thomas for 17 years. I moved from the Florence area, which has huge commercial areas along with the concomitant traffic, noise, crime, and transient residency.

    In my opinion, Fort Thomas is first and foremost a bedroom community, and just happens to have a couple of very minor business areas for the convenience of its residents.

    I don't think Fort Thomas is "anti-business" so much as it is "pro-resident". I don't believe people in Fort Thomas want it to turn into Florence, Olde Montgomery, or even Bellevue. They just want a nice, quiet, safe community in which to live.

    There is a quality of life here - no traffic, no noise, almost no crime - that is found in very few other communities in the Greater Cinci area. And it is exactly these qualities, in addition to the excellent school system, that make Fort Thomas so desirable to move to and live in.

    I do agree with your statement about money being wasted for a nice facade in the Midway area. But I see that as being also for the benefit of Fort Thomas residents, even if it is merely window-dressing.

    I don't like that it made a cramped road even more cramped and destroyed a bunch of mature trees in the process. And to avoid side-swiping the busses, the huge pickups, and the parked cars, I just end up driving on the nice little brick islands. Thank goodness they didn't put raised concrete beds in instead!

  3. What residents would be inconvenienced by a later noise ordinance in the Midway? There are a couple of homes behind the store fronts on the Midway but some of these establishments have deck seating out back which has to be louder than on the sidewalk. We are talking about 5 tables at the Midway and Olde Fort Pub. I have sat outside at the Midway and the traffic is louder than a few people on the sidewalk.

  4. I don't know if the people that owned the pergola wanted to open in another location or not. But if they want to go beyond just serving food at the pub and actually open their own restaurant again, there is a building on South fort thomas Ave in the midway district that has been available forever and could be a great place for a restaurant/cafe. It is where Ann's Ceramic getaway used to be, if someone doesn't move in there I might open a restaurant there one day. Just thought I would throw the idea out there for the pergola. Also if they were to lift or amend the ordinances for noise, I think it would be cool to have live music in the little parking area across from the pub where they put the flags at.

  5. Terry - I do know that the city was wanting an establishment to move in there and had provided incentives for such businesses.

    There was a lot to the breakup between Pergola and the owners of the old building that has ceased a lot of the forward motion anything new opening there, though.

    Wish I could get some quotes on it, but both parties have some type of "gag" on the story.

  6. They don't want to open another place of their own. To much happened with the last place.

  7. Yeah, the son couldn't cook. The father couldn't manage. What was supposed to be a bakery wasn't. They had no clue what they were doing. Had no business in the restaurant business. To announce that Dan is "cooking" at the pub is really a joke. Dont believe he did the cooking at Pergola. The food was horrible ask anyone that ate there, that wasn't a "friend" of the Krebs'. Typical Ft. Thomas rumors. I really wish they would have succeeded. They seemed like nice people. But don't tell lies why your business failed.