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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Quarterback High School

In the same way the University of Kentucky is quickly becoming Point Guard University with guards like John Wall and Brandon Knight - Highlands' football team is becoming a hot bed for coaching prospects. Two of its former gunslingers are starting to climb their coaching ladders.

I graduated with Gino Guidugli, so I've always kept up with his career. After a record breaking 4 years at the University of Cincinnati, Gino had tryouts with the Tennessee Titans and stints in the Canadian Football League and arena leagues. I was always astounded that he couldn't catch on in the NFL. He always had all the tools.

Now, it seems that Central Michigan has stolen one back from UC. Gino has signed on this year as a graduate assistant for the Chippewas. Gino was always a leader and had a way of relating to all types of personas. Great addition for Brian Kelley ankjd Butch Jones' former squad.

Marc Hardin from did a update on Jared Lorenzen yesterday. Great to see one of Kentucky's most prolific collegiate and high school QBs back at Highlands as the team's quarterback coach after almost 3 seasons in the NFL.

In a related story, I say almost 3 years because Jared was let go by the New York Football Giants a few games short of being eligible for the NFL. Had he finished his third season with the team, Lorenzen would have been guaranteed to receive at least $1,275 per month in today's dollars from the NFL Players Association pension fund starting on his 55th birthday.

For franchise players like Carson Palmer or Chad Ochocinco (I still can't believe we are calling him that) that $1,275 would seem like something they might find in their couch, but for other players, who now average 4.5 years in the league, the pension is a cornerstone of financial security.

The topic remains taboo for players like Lorenzen. Perhaps it's because a sense of invinsibility is vital for those who play the violent game. Or maybe it's because they just don't want to jinx it. Whatever the case, Jared got the short end on this one - coming up a few games short.

The optomist in me thinks that maybe Jared can pull a "Jim Morris comeback" (aka Dennis Quaid in The Rookie). The one known as JLoad, The Hefty Lefty, The Round Mound of Touchdown, or simply BBQ (Big Beautiful Quarterback) would look good in Bengal stripes.

Who's coming with me?

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