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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Woodfill Being Demolished at 8AM Wednesday

With the nice new wing nearly completed that runs perpendicular to Fort Thomas Ave it is time to make way for the wing that runs paralell to the Avenue.  The demolition of these remaining buildings (originally built in 1922 and 1950's) will occur in the morning to make way for the construction of the rest of the planned school.

Demolition did begin earlier in the week but an official ceremony is planned for 8AM.

The Woodfill Elementary PTO organization will be selling bricks from the demolished building. Anyone interested in purchasing a brick should contact Laura Tate by e-mail at


  1. I was informed that it would come down on Wednesday morning, too. But when I drove past there earlier today, it was well on the way to being down. It looks like we missed the opportunity to watch.

  2. It had already started but an "official ceremony" is scheduled for this morning at 8am.

    The new building looks great except for the wooden steps that lead from an exit. I can't wait to see the finished product! Maybe then people will stop talking about Woodfill in a negative way. I love Woodfill!

  3. The wooden steps are temp until the second phase is open. Fire code to meet the number of exits.

  4. That is good to know. I wondered if they were temp? I just those really stick out! Thanks for the info!