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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fort Thomas News - Week of August 9th

There are a few items of note for Fort Thomas that may not require their own posts but should be mentioned so here we go....

1. Hearing on Noise Ordinance on Wednesday - I know I mentioned this last week but Council has determined to hear the ordinance in Committee on 6:15 on Wednesday the 11th and then will receive a hearing in the full Council at 7.  Show up this week and show your support for the Midway businesses.

2. The most commented post of this week goes to Mark for stirring the pot on the speed bump issue.  I actually disagree with Mark on this one, but I also can't find agreement in my own home as I would support speed bumps on Lumley but my wife would not.  This despite having a 2 year old (going on 3) boy and fearing for his life every time he walks out the front door.  Fortunately we have a fenced back yard and we cage our little guy to keep him wandering into traffic which consistently reaches speeds over 35 mph.

Living on Lumley, we can offer a cautionary tale of what happens when you ask for speed bumps.  Several years ago we too petitioned for speed bumps and we got a half baked solution that staggered bumps that reached only half way across the street from one end of Lumley to the other.  This did not deter speeders at all as they just saw the bumps as a minor inconvenience in their quest to get to the next after school activity.

3. There are a lot of good county level politics going on right now including a ballot initiative in Campbell County which would change how commissioners are elected and possibly changing the balance of power from Northern Campbell County to southern and rural Campbell County.  Without a doubt the initiative is politically motivated based on the recent history between Pendery / Otto and Lloyd Rogers / Tim Nolan but it will be interesting to watch one way or the other.

Also, in related county political news the smoking ban took a blow this week as the Boone County commission has indicated they do not have enough votes to pass the measure.  It is also clear from Steve Pendery's comments that nothing will be passed in the near future without support among the three big NKY counties:
If and when there's a draft that's successfully created we will pursue it when it's ripe and the Fiscal Courts of at least a couple of counties will be able to participate - Pendery

4. There was also news of a new energy manager to support the Fort Thomas school district along with Campbell County, Silver Grove, Dayton, Bellevue, Southgate, and Pendleton County.  I appreciate that Northern Kentucky found an opportunity to take advantage of grants but this feels like a little overkill to me.  I think updating 80 year old schools takes you about 90% of the way there and is a full time employee really needed to get the extra 10%?

5. A big congratulations to the Candy Cottage and its owners.  The Candy Cottage held its grand opening on Saturday and the owners were relatively pleased with the turnout and results.  My neice came away with a bag of tootsie rolls and York peppermints for less than $5 - a good deal in my book.  They were open until 8pm on Saturday and Sunday and it is good to see someone open past 6 in the evening.


  1. I live right across the street from the Vernon Lane Swimming club and the noise is horrible!

    The Vernon Lane Swimming Club needs a day long noise ordinance. We as residents suffer for about 12 weeks during the summer. Not only from the noise but from the on slot of this club that descends on our street.

    I agree with you about the Midway. They need a pass!

    Every situation is different.


  2. Talk about noise - just live by the high school. After football games they use blowers to clean the stands until the wee hours of the morning. The speaker system and music at the little league football games can be heard as far away as Covert Run and Highland Park - it runs us out of our house. Ever hear the noise from the air conditioners on top of the schools? Compare that to an engine running in your back yard. Now this is annoying - cut some slack to the businesses who are just making a living.