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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fort Thomas Woman Releases Album & Performs at Joseph Beth

Meet Mittie Root, a child's superhero with a voice that could put anyone into a trance.  Or maybe Mittie is just a disguise for a Fort Thomas resident on Vernon Lane pursuing her dream by doing what she loves - singing.  (The story behind the name can be found here)  Mittie loves loves music and has turned this love into a children's album that she will be performing at Joseph Beth on Friday.

According to Mittie's website she describes herself as the following:

Although officially now in my 30s, I still consider myself a child at heart. There have been many a family event that I find myself at the “kids table” coloring or crafting or making my famous origami piano complete with bench and sheet music.

Whatever the case, my heart is with the children. I love their creative minds and the silly things that they say and the innocent and freeing way in which they say their prayers. So, this album is for the little ones and the superheroes who have raised them. I hope that this simply sweet record transforms your home, hearts and minivans into something a little extra special.

Mittie's sound is a mix of Jewel and Alison Krauss and comes together on her album "Til the Cows Come Home" to provide a must purchase album if you have kids.  Heck, you don't need children in your home to enjoy these sounds.  Check out her website to hear some of her sounds (including a song named after her street - 'Vernon Lane') or purchase her album and if you are impressed take your kids or grandkids to Joseph Beth on Friday to hear her live.  You can register for her performance for free on Facebook by choosing the event here.

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  1. You are kind Darrin. I truly appreciate the sweet descriptions. Thank you! Mittie