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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kentucky Furlough Days and How It Affects You

UPDATE on 8/29

Received the following information from Taunya Nolan Jack:

Just received an email last evening regarding the Friday, September 3, 2010 furlough. The Director of Vehicle Regulation with DOT, Bill Heise, advised that they have rescinded its prior decision for 100% shutdown.

The computer services will now be available on Friday, September 3, 2010, along with 50% of DOT personnel. What that means for the citizens of Campbell County? Campbell County Driver’s Licensing Departments in both Newport and Alexandria will be OPEN on Friday, September 3rd

Our world is changing. A key example of our ever evolving environment has been detailed on Fort Thomas Matters pretty frequently over the last year.

  • "Real" journalists (i.e. newspapers) are becoming a thing of the past. Take the coverage of the Midway district's struggle to get the city to allow them to run their businesses effectively. 10 years ago, if you were lucky enough to get a reporter to cover the meetings, talk to business owners and then report it - you're looking at a 3-5 day turnaround. Old news by our standards today.
  • Fast forward to a microwave, caffeinated society that we find ourselves in now and news is fluid - 24 hours a day. It's fast. Things change and industries have to adapt. This is why this form of media works and will continue to work.
I've talked about this need for adaptation and my love of the book which talks about this concept, Who Moved My Cheese, in a post last April. I'm sure that you have found that the way you're doing business is profoundly different from how you were conducting it even two years ago. Whether you are a teacher, business owner or physician if you don't feel change, you're not paying attention.

When I ran into Taunya Nolan Jack, Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk, a few days ago, she asked me to help notify Ft. Thomas residents about the furlough days put in place by Governor Beshear that will affect her courts including the Campbell County Drivers' License Department, (see bottom of post for that information).

More than anything it got me thinking about how our state government is having to adapt to help offset deficits. I have to say, I am conflicted about these furlough holidays.

Jack shares this sentiment. "Until after the first furlough I am not quite sure how the furloughs will effect the courts and drivers’ license. I am hoping that the citizens will understand that the state is in a financial crises and all branches of government are effected."
I can see how on the surface, a furlough would help to reduce costs, but things like having to pay 24-hour institution workers overtime would certainly eat that savings up pretty quickly. (Enquirer article to that effect).

A quick Google search on furlough programs brings up an article from the USA Today. All you have to do is read the bold bullet points of the article to catch the drift.
  • Better than layoffs
  • Sinking morale
  • Gaining momentum
The article was dated March 6, 2009 and dealt with mainly private industry. I know furloughs are generally not considered to be a good thing, but if the Government is following suit with the private sector which HAS to consider cash flow and deficits unlike it big brother counterpart, this has got to be a good thing at some level.

---- Notice -----

Campbell County Driver's License Dept. will be closed:

Friday, Sept. 2 2010 (and reopen Tuesday, Sept. 7)

Friday, Nov. 12 2010

Friday, May 27 2011


  1. Vocational teachers are considered state employees and have been mandated to take six furlough days. Firstly, is this a best practice to compromise instruction for students during the school year. Secondly, how much are you really saving when you must pay a substitute teacher to fill-in for the furloughed teacher? An example of something that looks good on paper, but loses much effectiveness in practice!

  2. Taunya Nolan Jack is concerned about her customers?

    Geez.. if that is the case, maybe she should move her offices to the new county building, where every other Campbell County office resides.

    Oh.. that's right.. Daddy didn't think they should build that new building, so she'll just stay where she is, because... she can.

  3. They are actually going to be moving when the building is finished.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised at the friendly and professional service i received the other day when i renewed my drivers licence seems taunya nolan jack is doing a pretty good job

  5. Actually, during the 1990s the Enquirer and the Post had a reporter to cover the Fort Thomas Board meetings on regular basis.

    Today NKY is one of the only metro areas in the nation without its own news media with the exception of bloggers.