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Monday, August 9, 2010

"Learning Pods" at Moyer Elementary

No, this isn't the new mobile home park in Fort Thomas - only the newest in classroom technology in Fort Thomas.  The trailers (or, uh, 'learning cottages') have been parked behind Moyer since the end of the school year.

While trailers have been a fixture at Woodfill for the past few years they appear to have migrated to Moyer.  Technically they are not the same trailers.  Since the classroom space is going to be needed on a more longer-term basis they decided to buy these instead of the rented trailers for Woodfill.  The third grade class, one of the largest in Moyer history, are the likely winners of this classroom bonanza.

Despite the fact that these trailers have been located there for about 8 weeks they are not ready for classes less than two weeks before school begins.  The impact could be unprepared teachers and possibly even some space until the 'cottages' are completed.  There does not appear to be any plans for bathrooms in the 'cottages' which could make for interesting trips to the bathroom in January.

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  1. Woodfill has been using "cottages" or "a cottage" for years. it is a pain in the winter because the children can not go to the bathroom alone, so then it takes an adult aide to go with them, they have to unlock the door then lock the door to the cottage, then unlock and lock the door to the school. Which is good for safety reasons, but they have managed for quite some time now.