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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ordinance Counter Point - Don Martin's Possible Point of View

In an attempt to represent the entire issue surrounding the new ordinance and the various perspectives beyond my own I will try and represent the other point of view with the following points:
  • The original ordinance regulating the placement of tables and chairs in the public right-of-way was adopted in February 2004 and amended in 2007.  This ordinance included some of the points I found offensive in my post from yesterday.
  • When Mr. Arnzen attended the council meeting last week on August 2, city council scheduled a special council meeting to move the issue forward and assist the businesses rather than wait until the next scheduled council meeting to consider the issue.
  • Council should consider all sides of an issue. In this case, the well-being of the general public should at least be discussed, including pedestrians who may use the sidewalk.
  • By discussing the issue council demonstrated they were considering not just the interests of the businesses, but also the well-being of the general public.
  • The end result of this process is that businesses will soon be able to allow outdoor dining on the public sidewalk until 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday; and, there is no longer a requirement that food be served with alcohol purchases.
The points above could represent Mr Martin's point of view if he would allow me to publish his comments directly.  However he would not like me to post his emails directly as he does not "blog or post any comments on any website as they tend to perpetuate the negative and inaccurate comments".  However, I am pretty sure that this would be representative of his position.

In addition I am attaching links to the orginal ordinance, the current noise ordinance, and the revised ordinance that was voted on last night.

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  1. I think you make a better argument for Mr.Martin, than you do for yourself... lol..