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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pig Fingers, Fish Tacos and Hummus, oh my!

As I sidled up to the bar with my bride, beginning to partake in some happy hour libations on the new patio at the Olde Fort Pub, former Pergola owner and current food foreperson, Danny Krebs, began spinning the tale of how his son Jake brought back the menu's most curious dish from his backpacking trip through Africa.

Or was it Europe?

You'll have to excuse my lack of recall on the actual story because it was so unbelievable, I had to give my wife a tap on her foot to see if she was as dumbfounded as I.

Pig Fingers, which made it's debut this past week -and promptly sold out this weekend - is just one of the menus new items The Pub is trying. There's also 2 new salads, as well as old Pergola standbys fish tacos and hummus to go along with the pizzas, burgers and wings.

"We are rolling out new menu items as we grow. New equipment and renovations to the Pub need a bit of time to put together." said Krebs. "Once you get people to try (the pig fingers) they love them."

The Midway district has dominated Fort Thomas news this past week. By simply scrolling down this page or picking up The Enquirer can attest.
While there were some victories that came from the city council meeting in the noise/public right of way ordinances, there are still plenty of obstacles for these business owners to overcome.

It's good to see that The Pub is evolving despite the city's efforts.

Other changes that I think will be a positive include:

1) An outdoor beer garden in the back patio. They are hoping to get it up and running in time for the Bengals regular season and (hopefully) Reds playoff run.

2) Converting the back room to a family friendly (non-smoking) dining room.

3) Live music on the back outside patio.

"The Arnzen's have been great to work with," said Krebs. "There will be more to come in the Fall. We have a lot to look forward to."

As far as the origin of Pig Fingers goes, I'll leave that bit of story telling honor to the fabler of food, the bard of the beer garden, the chronicler of the canteen, Danny Krebs.


  1. We'd go to eat there if the entire bar was non-smoking.It's too bad all the food smells like smoke.

  2. Don't forget the new patio too. The new dining room should be a nice addition as well.

  3. The Pub is a bar with bar food. I don't think it should be non-smoking. Maybe if they want to have "family" hours but I feel it is a bar and the kids should stay at home. At the latest by 9:00 it should be 21 and over.

  4. I would also eat there if it was non-smoking. Nothing like having a side of second hand smoke with your burger.

  5. We would go there more often if it were non-smoking. Same with 915.

  6. So where are all you people who are clamoring for non smoking places? Haven't seen you at Beef O'Bradys lately.

  7. >>So where are all you people who are clamoring for non smoking places? Haven't seen you at Beef O'Bradys lately.<< We are at Applebee's in HH, Barlecorn's patio in Cold Spring, LaRosa's in Newport. We've been to Beef O'Brady's too. Rarely go to 915 because of the smoke. Have been to Midway once and nearly died from asphyxiation at 5:00 in the afternoon. Have not tried Pub's patio or front porch yet, but we will soon. We eat out at least 3 nights a week and would love to spend more of our money in Ft. Thomas. When did it become mandatory to have a TV blaring at you while you eat? Can't get away from that any more - and at LaRosa's only one of you can watch!

  8. Unfortunately, Beef O'Bradys is a step down in the food department.. Nice selection of draft beers at decent prices, though... I applaud them for being non-smoking... Only been there 4-5 times, though, which is reflective of the food quality (decidedly average, at best).

  9. Non-smoking is not just for families and kids. I know if you're around the smoke, you lose your sense of smell, but I'm not one of them and even eating outside near someone smoking it extremely irritating. It's like coming to a restaurant and smelling rotten eggs nearby. It doesn't do much for your appetite. It truly is a health issue, both for the patrons and for those who work there. Considering how hard it is to find a job right now, it's unfortunate we force people to work somewhere where they're exposing themselves to something that unhealthy. I realize that cigarette companies have used all the immense marketing skills we have in our country to lure people in and I blame them, not the smoker. But once people have made that choice, they need realize that others don't want to share their drug addiction no matter how hard it is for them to go without smoking for a couple hours.