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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Candidate Forum Update

When Tracy Davis asked me to post a reminder of the candidate forum coming up next Thursday, September 23rd I pointed out to her that there had been some criticism on this site from those working during the 8am to 10am time slot.  Tracy has agreed to take any questions you may have for the candidates via email to be included in those questions asked to the candidates.  Feel free to pass any of your questions along to

Keep in mind that there are many important county and state issues that could be decided based on who is in office after November.  The smoking issue has to be at the top of issues at the county level and a potential ban took another step forward yesterday with the Health Board's action.

For those that can attend the forum a few details as a reminder....  I already mentioned the date and time but you may also want to know that it is at the Fort Thomas Mess Hall in Tower Park.  Pat Crowley will moderate and the following candidates have been invited:

Sen. Katie Stine
Julie Smith Morrow

Judge Gayle Hoffman
Rick Woeste

Judge-executive Steve Pendery
Andrea Janovic

Commissioner Dave Otto
Pete Garrett

Brian Painter
Mike Schulkens

Jim Daley
Steve Franzen
Greg Buckler
Tom Sparks

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  1. What about Ken Rechtin and the person he's running against? Did anyone ask him to participate?

  2. County Commissioners are elected on a staggered term basis. Ken Rechtin's seat is not due up for re-election this year.

  3. The Fort Thomas Mess Hall is a great venue for the forum. I agree that having the event during the "work" day will limit voter participation.

    Also, it would have been good if the contested FORT THOMAS races for COUNCIL and SCHOOL BOARD were included in this FORT THOMAS forum.

  4. county commissioners are not on a staggered basis they all run at the same time rechtin has no opponemt but will be on the nov ballot
    also the question to return to a justice of the peace or 8 elected from their own neighborhood instead of 3 elected at large is on the ballot vote yes

  5. I am hesitant to leave a comment here afraid that people won't see it. I want to complain about a certain person who came to my door for my vote and was very rude to me, thinking I was laughing at her! Give me a break.

    Judge Gayle Hoffman knocked on my door one evening as we were eating dinner. I usually don't answer the door when we are eating dinner, but I am interested in the political battle this round.

    Eager to hear what she had to say...she introduced herself and handed me the door hanger with her information on it. As I looked over the information she was still talking, I decided to give her my full undivided attention. As I am looking and listening to Judge Hoffman, she stopped talking and looked at me. She then proceeded to ask me if something was funny and if I knew her. (duh of course I do) I looked at her I'm sure like she had three heads, but asked her what did she mean? She told me and yes, I mean it when I say she told me.... I was laughing at her. It was at that time I informed her I was being courteous and listening to her information and closed my door. Little did she know she just lost at least 3 votes from my house and who knows how many more.

    I thought she was extremely rude and in my opinion...I don't want anyone in family court that accuses you of laughing at her when she is asking for a vote. I can only imagine how rude and disrespectful she would be in court.

  6. I had the misfortune, (as did my children) of being thurst before appointed Judge Hoffman on her second day on the job, (after abruptly taking over for Judge Foellger - who had stayed on one year after resigning).
    The best thing that I can say is that we ALMOST had justice under Judge Foellger.
    Judge Hoffman comes from a family of approximately 15 children. Although by no means all people born to large families have this trait, she has a very strong, acute air of not wanting to be last to the dinner table - because the food will be gone. With my ex-wife being from a family of six kids, I can speak to this trait, (having been a frequent guest during my 20+ years as a family member). Judge Hoffman approached her first cases on the bench in much the same way: Like a bull in a china closet. She was clearly going to come in and set the world straight. As a result, my children and I were forced into a settlement that will compromise my life and impact my children and future generations because of Judge Hoffman's complete inattention to details - any details, of our case. Despite having a Guardian Ad Litem standing in court, ready to testify regarding our case, Judge Hoffman was clearly not going to be bothered by the facts of the case. The practice of family law has gone decades backward with the loss of Judge Foellger. Because of deep political pockets, my fear is that generations will pay for Beshear's appointment of out of control bull in our family court.

  7. Regarding Judge Hoffman, we were in her court not long after she took over and we also felt like she didn't want to hear both sides of the case. She had already made up her mind what she was going to do before she heard the case. She was so bored with all of it she actually snored when testimony was being given. We think she is a joke when it comes to being a fair judge with the children in mind.

  8. October 21, 2010

    To the Editor:

    I have been a practicing attorney in Campbell County for 35 years. During this time I have served as Domestic Relations Commissioner of the Campbell Circuit Court for 13 years, and served as staff attorney for Judge Michael Foellger in the Campbell Family Court for two and one-half years until March, 2009. As a result, I am highly interested in the race for Family Court Judge between the appointed Judge Gayle Hoffman and the challenger, Richard Woeste.

    I have become concerned about certain inconsistencies of the facts presented by Judge Gayle Hoffman in two campaign mailings that I received this week.

    It was stated in the mailing that she is “a local attorney and judge for thirty years.” It is a fact that Gayle Hoffman has been a local attorney for 29 years. But it is also a fact that she was appointed as the Family Court Judge in Campbell County in October, 2009, and has served as Judge for one year.

    In the mailing it was stated that she “reduced and reorganized her staff, which resulted in savings to taxpayers of over $30,000.00 annually.” The fact is that when Judge Hoffman was appointed and took office she had a staff of four, a secretary, a court administrator, a case worker, and a staff attorney, all four of whom had been on the staff of her predecessor, Judge Michael Foellger. Judge Hoffman fired the secretary, caseworker and court administrator, and the staff attorney resigned. Judge Hoffman hired a secretary and two staff attorneys. The fact is that Judge Hoffman cannot add a fourth staff member because Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton, for budget reasons, did restrict the staff of Family Court to three persons.

    Judge Hoffman’s mailing stated that she doubled the child support docket. Judge Hoffman may have arranged for the child support docket to be doubled, but the fact is that she did not hear these child support cases for several months but used Senior Status Judge Daniel Guidugli to hear the child support cases each Tuesday until August, 2010 when she began hearing the child support cases after Judge Guidugli finished his service as Senior Judge.

    The mailing also stated that “Her qualifications have not been questioned.” The fact is that in the recent poll conducted by the Northern Kentucky Bar Association, 56 attorneys rated Judge Hoffman as NOT QUALIFIED, 50 attorneys rated her NOT OF GOOD CHARACTER OR INTEGRITY, and 70 attorneys rated her NOT IMPARTIAL OR OBJECTIVE.

    I believe that these inconsistencies with the facts in campaign mailings should be pointed out to the voters of Campbell County. Based upon my experience of 35 years in the Courts of Campbell County, and my knowledge of the experience and temperament of the two candidates, I encourage the voters of Campbell County to vote for Richard Woeste for Family Court Judge on November 2.

    Robert Jennings
    Alexandria, Kentucky