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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fort Thomas Election Preview - Part 1

Over the past couple months I have made a few posts on the upcoming election with a primary focus on county races. This is largely because frankly that is where the action is this election cycle. Some of the races are hotly contested, there are important issues at stake, some candidates are vulnerable, and there are some fresh faces on the scene.

I didn't intend however to ignore the races in Fort Thomas. Unlike 2008 where there was an unprecedented number of candidates running for council there is only a slight challenge to the incumbents this year. In addition to the current sitting 6 council members; Haas, Doepker, Kelly, Lampe, Peterman, and Stiller, Jeremy Cantor is challenging and will be on the ballot in November. I am disappointed that more challengers that were in the race two years ago did not decide to run again this time. I am not running largely because I have 6 month old twins at home that need a lot of attention.

With that being said I thought I would offer a preview of how the election of local officials will break down this year and offer my endorsements (for what it's worth) on council this year. You read the headline correctly this is part 1 of a two part post over 2 days as the council review has gotten quite lengthy. In this post I will focus on the mayoral election.

Unfortunately Mary Brown is again running unopposed. While I believe Mary Brown may be a good person by judging her support of various community groups I believe she fundamentally wants something different for Fort Thomas than most of its citizens want. Sure we all want a safe, clean, beautiful community that provides and excellent education but I believe she falls into a camp of people (perhaps the majority but becoming more and more the minority) that want Fort Thomas to be a closed off community of beautiful homes that provides little to no entertainment value for its citizens and can't sustain locally owned retail businesses for fear that it may attract someone that doesn't look, think, or like the same things they do. This is not the Fort Thomas that I want and I believe is not the Fort Thomas that the many people I know and live life with want.

Hopefully sometime soon a strong challenger will enter their name as competition for her position. Of course they will have to wait four more years to do so.


  1. Where do I start?

    You are correct, I beleive, that the majority of Ft. Thomas residents like the city the way it is. It's probably why most people want to live here. Why change? If you and those of your ilk want to bring in lots of business that will bring in traffic from outside the city, why did you move here? Go live in Highland Hts. or Cold Spring along Rt. 27 - lots of shopping and traffic there.

    FYI, my not wanting lots of new businesses in Ft. Thomas has nothing at all to do with "fear that it may attract someone that doesn't look, think, or like the same things [I] do." That's code for calling me racist/bigotted and that offends me. I don't want increased traffic of any kind - I don't care who's behind the wheel.

    I am not against new business in Ft. Thomas. I would love to see the types of businesses that we can support. The 915 is fairly new, and I frequent the Candy Cottage quite often. What I don't want are "destination" businesses that will clog our streets. Everything I want or need is within a ten minute drive and that's close enough for me.

  2. What I wrote above is in no way an endorsement of Mayor Brown - it's just one person's opinion about the state of our city.

  3. Anonymous - I am not sure why traffic is such a major issue for you and others. Is that the major reason why we should not have good locally-owned retail businesses? We did not have traffic problems when Pergola was open or the wine shop, why do you suddenly expect that there will be gridlock on Fort Thomas Avenue? The only time I ever see traffic problems in Fort Thomas is surrounding the schools - should we eliminate the schools also?

  4. Darrin, maybe I am being a little over-reactionary (did I just invent a new word?). I wouldn't mind having good locally-owned businesses, but I get the feeling that you would like to see "destination" businesses that would draw crowds from outside the city. I wouldn't mind that if they were located along Rt 27 or some other major street along the outer fringes of the city - I just don't want whatever is at the center of town to become a destination for large crowds. It would ruin the ambiance of the city in my opinion.

  5. Darrin,
    Just what is your ilk? And who else has it? Can I catch it from you? Will it make me sick?

    Please let me know before the next meeting at the Midway!

  6. Darrin, you have hit the nail on the head!!! give me a BREAK people.. what is wrong with wanting more people coming through?? and the idea we would get large crowds? come on! and what ambiance?? really? people walking or running.. right past buildings that could have coffee shop, or bakery or diner that people would like to patronize. I was born and raised in this town, and moved away for many years but came back here over 20 years ago.. and really nothing much has changed. With good planning there are great possibilities for this town and frankly, there is not enough space to have the kind of business that would draw "large crowds". Darrin, I am with you on this issue. Those that don't want change are short-sighted.