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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fort Thomas News - Week of August 30th

My day job has kept me busy the last couple weeks but a few random observations over the past couple weeks:

Progress at the Newport Pavilion continues to roll along with the roof of Target nearly completed.  I missed this little piece about a month ago from Scott Wertman but there were a couple nuggets worth noting in his article.  While Scott was also not able to get Target or Bear Creek to comment on the development he did get the city manager on the record indicating that Chick Fil A and Chipotle are possibly still planning stores in the development and that traffic from Target is a key to their opening.  While not nearly as exciting as a Chick Fil A or Chipotle there is a Chinese Restaurant opening soon and some progress has been noticed on the corner spot next to the Kroger Liquor store.

Last year Highlands set milestones by being ranked in the top 10 in the USA Today Super 25. We read recently that Coach Mueller's goal is to finish the season at #1 and now we get word this week that USAToday has broadcast two of their games (Ryle and Beechwood) nationally on

I haven't exactly commented on the work going on at the Northern Kentucky Water District's facility on Memorial but despite the presence of a tower crane (possibly the first and last time we will see one in Fort Thomas) I have to say the subtle changes they have made thus far is a huge improvement.  Painting the treatment facility with the Northern Kentucky Water District logo beat the old look and the corner 'pocket park' looks nice despite its complete lack of functional use.  I am interested to see how the new structure in progress will look compared to the surrounding homes.

Merril Hoge reporting on Fort Thomas Little League games on his website and to his 11,000 Twitter followers.  So if your child's team played Merril's you can find some video of the drubbing they received online.

After all the debate on speed bumps on this site over the past month or so comes a sobering reminder that Fort Thomas is a community full of children.  Disagree with Melanie Ethridge on West Southgate if you like but she along with most parents are just trying to protect their children from bad things that happen in life.  A Woodfill student was hit by a car while walking home from school two days ago. It was at the intersection at the VA. The child was a fourth grader. He was at Children's being evaluated on Thursday but was responsive.

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