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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Typical Fort Thomas Saturday Live Diary (Merchants and Music Edition)

8:23 am: Wake up. Hoping my bride is awake already and brewing coffee.

8:26 am
: Turn over. Crap. She's not up.

8:51 am: Time for Starbucks. Line is out the door. I see 11 people I know.

9:48 am: Coffee consumed before I get back. Bride's coffee waiting for her on the kitchen table. Out the door to take the dog on a walk.

9:49 am: Back in, forgot the poop bag.

10:18 am: Dodged 9 other dogs, multiple joggers and a pack of well manicured cougars on their power walk up Clover Ridge.

11:02 am: Drawing up the game plan for the Under 12 Lady Hawks soccer team (Moyer/Johnson/HMS). Hoping to keep our undefeated streak going. Hoping more that my fellow coaches have funny stories to tell me about the goings on at the Highlands game I had to miss Friday.

1:12 pm: Hoping lunch is not ready so we can head up to 915 for a Memphis.

2:30 pm: Checking Facebook, Twitter (Follow Me!),,,, setting my fantasy football lineup and of course seeing which stories on have been jacked from Fort Thomas Matters.

3:33 pm: Working on the yard. Just because it's been one of the hottest and driest summers of all time is no excuse for letting your neighbor's yard look better than yours. (I actually think Mary Brown is going to bring this to the next council meeting).

4:53 pm:
Finally time for the Merchants and Music Festival. The Rusty Griswolds are playing. They cover Don't Stop Believing by Journey and I immediately begin to shake it. My bride shoots me a "Really?" look. I stop. She turns to walk towards The Pub. I commence grooving.

5:11 pm:
Meeting our buddies at the "Welcome Edgar" sign at the Pub. Their kitchen is open all day and their new deck is open in the back. We take in some Pig Fingers and Hummus. It's time to party.

6:29 pm:
G Miles and the Hitmen on stage. My friend Craig thinks it's G Love and Special Sauce. He looks disappointed. Buys another beer.

7:07 pm:
How are the Reds doing?

8:30 pm:
After several more libations and a full set, we decide G Miles and the Hitmen is the best band on the planet.

8:34 pm:
We decide to make our rounds to local businesses to see what's new. Vito asks if I have been to the patio for a burger yet. Jane Pompilio (Jane Made It) shows me some of her newest stained glass she's designing and Frank Davidson (Concrete Concepts) asks how my steps he put in are doing.

10:00 pm: Time to devote my time and talents to the festival via Fort Thomas Provides. I can think of no better way than pouring beer from a keg. So that's what I do.

11:02 pm
: Festival is over. Ears ringing.

11:18 pm:
Trying to convince my bride that Dixie Chili is pretty much on the way to the house.

12:09 am
: Time for bed. Another great day to live in the Fort.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! 10:18: "Well manicured cougars", cracks me up! That is too funny!

    What is even more entertaining is 3:33pm: Mary Brown is going to bring up yard care at the next city council meeting? I have been BEGGING the private swimming club that she runs to maintain their yard. It has to be the worst yard in the city. She needs to look at her own yard on West Vernon Lane before she suggest what others should do.

    Please, ride down West Vernon and take a look!