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Friday, October 29, 2010

The 24th Senate District & Campbell County Magistrate Races

I had two more takers on the opportunity to talk to you the voters.  First up is Julie Smith-Morrow the challenger for Katie Stine's Senate seat:

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Senate District 24 Campaign. It's four days until November 2 and I am still enjoying being out everyday in the 24th District talking with voters and listening to their issues! Every single day voters tell me how happy they are that I am running for Kentucky Senate because this is the first time anyone asked about how their lives are going and what their biggest issues are. It's affirming to learn that my campaign priorities are in line with theirs - investing in education, bringing jobs to the area, and public safety.

While I am attending every event that I can, my opponent Katie Stine has refused to participate in any venue with me. She has been a no-show at 8 different interviews, forums and debates including the Fort Thomas Business Association candidate forum. This is typical of Katie Stine's behavior in Frankfort - excluding many from the democratic process and not accepting meetings with important constituent groups.

I will be accountable to the voters, will be accessible, will listen, and will meet with everyone. Please visit my website for the truth at

Donna Hoffman who is running for Campbell County Magistrate also had this to say:
The position of Magistrate in Campbell County is simply the old-fashioned Justice of the Peace who does civil ceremonies (marriages). This is not to be confused with the ballot issue you’ll be voting for or against on Election Day which asks if you want to change the system of government in Campbell County from a three district Commissioner system to an eight district Commissioner system in which the commissioner is entitled “The Magistrate.”
The current position of Magistrate receives no salary and is given no physical office to work from. I will be using many methods to make myself available to the citizens of Campbell County and am excited to be your public servant.
Please vote for me as your new Magistrate. I bring to the position a lifetime of experience including parent, teacher, business owner, writer, and concerned citizen whose family has been in Northern Kentucky and Campbell County for five generations.
Hopefully this helped make any voting decisions you may still be undecided on.  I am assuming this will be the last comments since I am sure everyone else will be knocking on your door this weekend.  4 more days until this craziness is all over.
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