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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Caution About Ballots on Election Day

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A reader has alerted me to the fact that there could be some problems on voting day.  The mechanics of voting in Kentucky seem to change every year.  During the 2000 election with all the talk of hanging chads I proudly proclaimed to my Ohio co-workers that Kentucky had been doing electronic voting for years.  However, we seem to have taken about 20 steps back in the past few elections.  The last election had us using a pencil and paper and dropping them in a box.  Apparently we will be changing again this year.

Due to the large number of local races, the ballot is two sided.  On the front side there are 3 columns of races beginning with the Conway-Paul Senate race and then ending on the bottom right with the Family Court and Greg Popovich's unopposed District Judge race.

The back of the ballot begins with the race that has Judge Karen Thomas running unopposed.  Then below here are the City and School Board Races and at the very bottom of the back side is the "Justice of the Peace/Magistrate" referendum.  If you fill out the front and put it through the voting machine you will not vote for the city races and the referendum.

It is likely that the poll workers will remind you to fill out the ballot on both sides but if you are there during a busy period they may forget to remind you and it would be very easy to overlook filling out the back and thus skipping the vote for the city and school board races.
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  1. Last election in Ft Thomas I filled out a paper ballot but I fed it into a scanner. I thought it was an improvement that a paper record was case a recount would ever be needed.