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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fort Thomas Mini Matters

Just back from watching the Reds -ahem- play their first playoff game in 15 years in the Midway District. Pretty pathetic that I was holding out hope for breaking up the no hitter. I literally would have felt a lot better if Brandon Phillips would have dribbled one down the third base line and ruined Roy Halladay's no hitter.

Oh well. We'll get em Friday.

  • Just a few items. The above picture is of the Olde Fort Pub's new deck. This is just phase one for what will be a more updated and family friendly enviroment.
  • Loved reading Darrin's post about some of the retailers signing on at The Newport Pavilion. My bride makes me drive to Chipotle in Highland Heights at least once a week. So this will save me a few minutes (and I'm being dead serious, I'm really happy about this). In the same regard, I heard whispers that the the building for sale in the domicile formally known as Pergola could be either bought or leased by Mio's Pizza. If that sounds familiar it's because Mio's used to be in the place where Ft. Thomas Starbucks currently resides.
  • How is Highlands' Football team, who hasn't lost in what seems like forever and coming off a top 10 National ranking finish, not ranked in the USA Today National Rankings? I call foul, sir.
  • I love you, West Southgate.


  1. Uhhh......If Mio's moves into there I am going to be one happy person, because Mios is AWESOME and I plan on moving back to the area in the near future. Not to mention I remember the Mio's in fort thomas my dad used to get there pizza all the time. I hope they come back to town, did you hear a whisper of this from a good source or someone that your not sure if this could be true or not?

  2. Very good source. Of course, all is dependent on lease/sale terms, etc.

  3. It's good that some business will occupy that space, but I'm not excited about Mio's. I remember why the Grand Ave location closed.

  4. Mark--
    I just want to say that I so enjoy reading your thoughts while I am down here in Chapel Hill, NC.
    I feel like I'm not missing a minute of what is going on! Keep up the good work!