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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From the Candidates

In an attempt to bring you any last minute information to help you make up your minds on who you will be voting for on Tuesday I asked each candidate if they had any last minute things to say to you the citizens.  So far only two candidates have responded Greg Buckler and Steve Pendery. 

Actually, Steve Pendery had nothing additional to say and only pointed people to the voter website on  You can check it out if you like but it is pretty boiler plate campaign stuff and you have probably seen most of the comments on door hangers or mailings.  I am not sure if he is over-confident and mailing it in or if he doesn't take the site seriously - or perhaps he takes us more seriously than everyone else that didn't reply.

Regardless, here is Greg Buckler's (candidate for Jailer) message to voters:
First of all thanks for giving me an opportunity to reach out to the good citizens of Campbell County one more time before the election. My campaign has been based on experience and who is qualified for the job. I have attached my door hanger for you to review to show you what I have done in the last 12 years serving as the elected jailer of Campbell County.

The biggest thing that I guess I’m proud of is our community service program since starting this program in 2005 we have saved the tax payers of the county over $6,900.000.00 by providing FREE labor to our local government agencies and non profit organizations in the county. The second thing I’m proud of is how we have made the facility more efficient by using the latest technology in the corrections field and by making sure our deputies are properly trained and prepared to do the job they were hired to do.

I believe my experience as being the elected jailer for the last 12 years and being a police officer for 10 years prior gives me the qualifications and experience to be the elected jailer of Campbell County for the next four years. I’m also the only jailer candidate that has been endorsed by the Campbell County F.O.P. lodge which represents all police officers in the county with the exception of Newport who’s lodge did not do any endorsements in any races this election. Again thanks for giving me this opportunity and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

So there you have it.  I will pass along anything else if any other candidates respond and have any other last minute appeals to you the voter.


  1. Can't believe that other candidates wouldn't take the opportunity to talk directly to the voters.

    Seems like a missed chance to open lines of communication to me.

    Regardless, Buckler has my vote.

  2. Something about the FOP endorsing Greg Buckler bothers me.

    Maybe it is the FREE lawncare the FOP lodge gets from the Campbell County Jail inmates.


    I've been told that David Otto printed this mailing for his friend Jim Daley.

    Two wrongs here: One is that the guy who wants to be your county attorney (Daley) is not smart enough to know better than to "Trust" the other guy (Otto) who wants to be your county commissioner.

  4. I hope Greg Buckler reads this response to his tutorial.
    I am going to vote for you Mr. Buckler as Campbell County jailer because I do believe you have the experience that the job requires. I also want to let you know that I will be watching and fact finding on jail employee conduct and mis-treatment of inmates.I and others fully understand that this is jail and is a form of punishment for persons who have broken the law, however the jail itself and it's employees are also bound by law and the protection of inmates health and welfare. Jail employees going to Sams Club buying toilet paper, toothpaste, and the like then depriving inmates to these basic neccessities so that they can then sell them to inmates at inflated prices under your direction is highly immoral, unethical, and against the law. You will be watched, clean up your house!