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Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it Tuesday yet?

Don't know about you, but I'm experiencing "Vote 4 Me" overload. I know that it seems like it gets more and more ridiculous every year, but between inmates shaving political signs in their heads, Hoffman vs. Woeste fights in our comments section and Aqua Buddha, I've reached the tipping point.

- A couple more absurd local political points.

Supporters of the Nov. 2 ballot initiative (Justice of the Peace) last week complained to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance that Otto had improperly spent his re-election campaign funds to advocate against the justice-of-the-peace change.A mailer financed by Otto's campaign urges county residents to "Vote No - Pete Garrett - Justice of the Peace Government."

The ballot supporters argued it was OK for Otto to advocate against Garrett because Garrett is his opponent. But they argued in their state complaint that it was improper to spend his campaign money to advocate against a ballot issue.

That same complaint also noted Otto used three different wordings on campaign materials to describe who financed them, even though he has just one campaign fund.

- I don't know what type of politician Otto is, but it always seems like he gets into spats with his opponents. I know he's been a good businessman and a long time local official - but at some point, when does the political sparring become a pattern? This is why people get exhausted with politics.

A flier tells Campbell County residents, "On November 2 tell Steve Franzen you don't trust someone who makes a living defending criminals to serve as your county attorney," above professional images of members of the bands "Disturbed," "Avenged Sevenfold" and "Stone Sour." All three bands are signed under Warner Brothers record labels.

Justin Verst, the chair of "Keep James A. Daley County Attorney," who paid for the flier, said it was produced by the group's paid consultants, November Strategies. Verst said the fliers did go out with his group's permission.

Daley said he heard the people in the photo were famous rock stars. "I have absolutely no idea of who those people are," he said.

- Add Daley to the list of people who also don't listen to terrible music. Since the flyer has come out, the bands have sent a cease and desist notice to Daley's campaign and has also been picked up nationally on MTV and statewide (probably most prominently) on Kentucky Sports Radio.

- I don't think I've looked forward to a Tuesday like this since Dominoes came out with their "Two for Tuesday" promotion in college. Happy voting!

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  1. Get your facts straight, Lloyd Rogers and Pete Garrett have been posing their signs on the same posts which is a direct violation of the election finance laws. There have been complaints filed against each. I'm voting against both.