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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's 9:42 PM, Do You Know Where Your Ft. Thomas News Is?

As has been my MO lately, I'll hit you with a few quick hitter links, because let's face it people will read anything in list form.

  • Lots of dirt being moved around at Rossford Park. I got on the city's website and looked at the Master Plan. Looks really nice. A couple of features I think are worth highlighting: More practice fields for soccer, baseball, football. Lots of walking trails. Sled riding hills. The shelters were actually added to the plan after residents made suggestions to the planning commission in order to help combat and raise awareness for skin cancer. Will get more on that story as soon as I talk more with the residents who undertook this charge.
  • Jack-o-Lantern Walk is being held Thursday, October 28 from 7-9.
  • Trick or Treat will be on Sunday, October 31 from 4-6.
  • Speaking of Halloween, we can find a lot to nit pick about our city, but at the end of the day, the influx of out of towners that we get on all Hallow's eve is a true testament to Fort Thomas. Its safety, its citizens and its community involvement is what adjoining cities strive to be and it's why they bring their children here. Just don't give them pennies. Or toothbrushes. Or fruit.
  • Finally, if you, as a reader of this blog and resident of Fort Thomas have an issue that you'd like for us to bring to the forefront, by all means contact Darrin or me. My email is

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  1. Add stale popcorn balls to your list with pennies, toothbrushes, and fruit!