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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Miners are Out, and so are Tricia Macke's Invites

Got an interesting invitation on Facebook today.

Tricia Macke Wxix
Public Figure
You have been invited by Tricia Macke.
Do you like this?

I have decided that I will not confirm a "like" of this public figure by Ft. Thomas resident, Tricia Macke, until she calls me back for an interview.

Just kidding, we love you Tricia. But seriously dude, call us back.

- Heard interesting banter on 700 WLW today on Tracy Jones' show, which pertains to a lot of discussion we've had on this blog.

Walking communities (Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout) vs. Home First, Car Dependent communities (Indian Hill). Maybe it was the fact that the Indian Hill callers seemed uppity to me, but I found myself siding with the walking community callers and wishing me had more of that.

Anyone else hear it?

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