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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Restaurants Opening in Fort Thomas

With so little activity for the past year the dam finally appears to have broken.  I mentioned last week that Cake Towne would be opening the first week of November.  They are not just a store front making wedding cakes but have indicated that they will be serving a 'daily light lunch menu'. 

We can now add two more places to eat in the coming months.

1. What is probably the worse kept secret in Fort Thomas right now, Mios will be opening in the old Warner's building.  Mark had reported these rumors in the past and I have made mention as well when I spoke with the owner's prior to a purchase agreement on the building.

While the sale isn't final, pending an SBA approval, the owners are making plans for the building and how best to use for the Mio's concept. The owners have engaged Ashli Slawter for some improvements to the restaurant but it could be after the first of the year until they have everything finalized and are in position to begin improvements.

2. A new Chinese restaurant is being planned for an open building in the Midway District.  I don't have a lot of details beyond this.  I have heard that the building has been purchased by the proprietors but little is known about the concept or plans for an open date.

While it is good to have places filling the empty store fronts I question the need for more Chinese concepts.  With First Wok in the Fort Thomas Plaza, the New China Buffet opening in the Newport Pavilion, and the other stores in Newport and Highland Heights I am a bit concerned that the competition will be too intense without a different concept than cheap takeout.

What are your thoughts?  What concepts would make a Chinese Restaurant successful in the Midway?  How should Mio's use the basement area?  Would it be possible to use the outdoor patio year round?


  1. Chinese delivery would be great for our community.

  2. Hope that Mio's is non-smoking and would love to see them utilize the patio year round if possible.!

  3. I'd like to see a nicer, sit-down Chinese restaurant. And LOVE Mio's. So happy about that. Also, heaters and an outdoor fire pit of some sort (think Ferrari's in Madeira) would make the patio quite lovely year round.