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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Ring Circus of Campbell County Politics

The races around Campbell County have bee nothing if not entertaining this fall.  Lets recap some of the crazy things we have seen and heard:
  • I am surprised by the sheer number of people coming out on this blog about the judicial candidate Gayle Hoffman.  Perhaps these people are plants or just have an axe to grind but their comments sound genuine and if there is a shred of truth to anything they have said I would definitely vote for her opponent Richard Woeste.  I have denied about half the comments just to avoid the appearance of piling on but there has been a consistent theme to the criticisms.  This seems to be confirmed in a poll of area attorneys as written on by Amanda Van Benschoten in the Enquirer blog 'Kentucky Politics'.
  • Perhaps my favorite outrageous candidate is Sparks - the jailer candidate.  I was running on Saturday along US27 and saw a giant sign that said "Stop Prison Brutality".  Now if that wasn't ridiculous enough I read this article in the Enquirer today.  Seriously?  A convict shaving 'vote sparks' in his hair?  I know it surely could not have been at the request of Sparks but after reading campaign signs like those mentioned above I have to believe he is a bit off his rocker.  I checked out his Facebook page and he seems nice enough - I am just not sure I can take him seriously.
  • My thoughts on the whole Justice of the Peace vs Commission debate.... I know that the current commission all live in the north of end of town but two thirds of the people in Campbell County live in or near the 275 loop.  If we were that unhappy with the representation we would have voted them out one by one.  This is no excuse to completely change the form of government to gerrymander county government.  The argument that it saves county money is a bit of a farce when it is a blatant attempt to shift the power of Campbell County government to the south end of the county.
  • If I am judging by yard signs the winner of the County Attorney's race, my racquetball partner - Franzen, would surely be the winner by a landslide.
  • Get ready for the onslaught of visitors this weekend as candidates use this coming weekend - the first of the final two before the election - to do some last minute politicking.  This means at least three more door hangers, five more mailings, and a random encounter on the sidewalk.  Enjoy the election


  1. The sad part about the proponents of the Justice of the Peace proposal.. They won't get what they want, even if they win. As you note, most of the population resides north of I-275. The southern part of the county would only get two representatives (out of eight), at the most..

    Not sure that yard signs or blog posts are a good way to decide who to vote for...

  2. It would be a great mistake to decide how to vote based on comments in a blog. Gayle Hoffman is exceedingly well qualified as Campbell Family Judge. She has the training and years of experience in Family Court. She has been one of the top family law practicioners for years. Her opponent only has a very limited family law practice. Check out his office website and you will see that family law is not even listed at the top of what he does. There is no question that Gayle Hoffman is the right choice for Family Court Judge. Just ask those that practice before her on a daily basis.

  3. My vote will not be based on a blog opinion. I will be partially basing my vote on my direct interaction with Gayle Hoffman. A very unprofessional interaction with her at my front door. I am an educated voter and this decision was made before any interaction with this person.....she just "sealed the deal" so to speak.

    I am assuming you keep up with this blog. Please take note that all comments must be approved before posted by the blog owners. (good job! by the way) It was also mentioned that many comments have been turned away. I find this blog up to date and fair. You have the choice of reading the comments posted by readers.

    PS- I hope my comment makes the blog :)

  4. So what's up with David Otto and his Justice of the Peace mailer?

    Pete Garrett has been AGAINST this style of government all along.

    This shows a desparate otto.

    Fact is, if Otto wins this election he'll have enough years to be eligable for a state pension. A $40k part time job, complete with a state pension?

    Vote the incumbents out!!!

  5. "Please take note that all comments must be approved before posted by the blog owners. (good job! by the way) It was also mentioned that many comments have been turned away. I find this blog up to date and fair. You have the choice of reading the comments posted by readers."

    How do you know that it's fair, if you don't know what comments weren't published? Not that it's any different from a newspaper in that regard, but I think you just happen to agree with the bloggers.. that doesn't make it "fair and balanced". (that last part is a joke.. Our bloggers are known radical subversives).

  6. Pete garrett has signed the pledge and supports the Justice of the Peace issue. This bog is just more lies from Tim Nolan, Pete Gerrett and Lloyd Rogers.
    Vote all three out of Campbell Countians forever on Tuesday.

  7. I am not sure how this blog can be lies from the three people you mentioned when I know none of them. We are expressing the opinions of average every day Campbell County voters so I am not sure why you are lashing out the way you are. Best of luck on election day.

  8. It's a fair because you do not see any one sided post from the blog owners. If it wasn't fair I'm pretty sure they would post comments in their favor.

    I'm glad there is control over the comments, I don't want it to be like

  9. Ok, have not seen anyone post about signs stolen from yards.. I mean REALLY? How LOW is that? We had 2 signs stolen during the presidential election 2 years ago. All of the people on our stretch of North FT. Thomas Ave. had same thing happen with same candidate. Great neighbors though replaced them with 4 times as many signs! This year it has happened again....twice. The first time over past weekend and again just last night. Since the only one stolen was for the Senatorial candidate we support, one has to wonder about what the the opposition is thinking (or fearing?)Simply immature behavior. Stealing a sign will NOT change our vote! Get a life, people...

  10. I doubt the signs from last night was any political conspiracy. As I left my house this morning I noticed my neighbor was pranked with about 200 signs in her front yard. I think it was just a harmless high school prank

  11. Yeah..

    Your signs are probably in my garbage, as I awoke to see a couple of dozen in my front yard on Sunday morning..

    Teenagers.. can't live with 'em.. can't shoot 'em.