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Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Ways to Get Your Political Fix - Campbell County Style

As the battles heat up for the upcoming election in just a few short weeks there are two upcoming events that can allow you to be informed and ask your questions directly to those that could be shaping the county and state for the next couple years.

1) The first happens tomorrow evening as the group Northern Kentucky Forum brings you a discussion of the controversial ballot initiative surrounding the Justice of the Peace vs the Commission style of county government.  This is a great way to rise above the rhetoric and get to the issues.

Panelists include Lloyd Rogers and Tim Nolan on the proponent side and Ken Rechtin and Kevin Sell on the side that supports keeping the Commissioner form of government that Campbell County has now. Richard Tanner from the Kentucky Magistrates and Commissioners Association will be there to offer insights about how each form of government works across the Commonwealth. Dan Hurley will moderate.

The event will be held at the Southgate Community Center and gets started at 6pm

2) The second event is a state-wide election candidate forum hosted by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth along with the Newport Citizens Advisory Council.

The event is for candidates with competitive races for the state legislature and the 4th Congressional District who represent Campbell County. These races are:
  • 67th State Representative race - Dennis Keene and Roger Thoney (State Representative Keene will not be in attendance, but Mr. Thoney will), 
  • 78th State Representative race of State Representative Thomas McKee and Tim Fairfield
  • 24th State Senate District race featuring State Senator Katie Stine and Julie Smith-Morrow (Ms. Smith-Morrow will be in attendance, but no word yet from State Senator Stine)
  • 4th Congressional District race of Congressman Geoff Davis and John Waltz (the Waltz campaign will be attending, and no response from Congressman Davis)
The event will be held at the Brighton Center's Ann Street location in Newport.  The forum starts at 7pm on October 20th.

 Between the two events you should be able to get any question answered related to the important county and state races.


  1. the only thing controversial about going back to the 8 justices voted in your own neighborhood is the people supporting the status quo the comms make 37500 plus health and other benefits, the whole 8 justices will cost less and make for much better representation

  2. There is no guarantee that 8 Justice's of the Peace will make less than 3 County Commissioners.

    The statute referenced by those in favor of the Justice of the Peace is based upon a statute 50+ years old indexed for inflation.

    In respect to getting all questions answered; Is everyone aware of the real issues of this election?? Is anyone have any real ideas of reforming the state tax system? What about increasing the number of college grads needed for the new economy? KY has one of the worst rates for citizens with a four year college degree about 29%. Only 22% of the citizens of Campbell County have a 4 year degree. This does not help with the changing economy.

  3. Don't be bamboozled by the folks who are behind this issue. Lloyd Rogers has been quoted in the newspaper that the purpose of this issue is to create gridlock in Campbell County, nice! He advocates small government but going from 3 to 8 sure seems to be big government at it's finest. 3 Commissinoners/8 Justice of the Peace = BIG GOVERNMENT, very deceptive on the part of Rogers and Nolan. My vote will be No to this issue which will only create fat paychecks for Rogers and Nolan's buddies.

  4. I agree that big govt. is generally a bad thing. On the other hand, gridlock is generally a good thing. However that theory generally only works on the federal scale.

  5. "gridlock is generally a good thing."


    Are you missing a sarcasm tag? Or are you trying to bait me?