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Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Reason Newspapers are Dying

Trying to find any coverage of the Highlands game tonight on Cincinnati / and it appears they didn't even have a reporter at the game.  The semifinals of the state championship and no reporters cover the game.

Once again I turned to Twitter and found multiple people reporting a Highlands victory 34- 6.  One game away from a record fourth state championship.


  1. This one of those situations unique to NKY. We are the only metro area in KY without our own "real news" media. Even Maysville--a town smaller than Ft Thomas has its own daily paper and radio station.

    We don't even have radio or television news devoted to the Boone, Kenton and Campbell County metro area.

    Cincinnati media does not pretend to cover NKY or KY unless it is a controvesy or scandal.

  2. Agree with previous post. Northern Kentucky will never successfully compete with the Lexington/Fayette and Louisville/Jefferson power centers with our fractured political structure and as long as we are an afterthought of the Cincinnati media.

  3. Highlands football games are covered in the Recorder aren't they? The Recorder spends all its time "recording" school news and fluff rather than real news. The lack of media attention to the northern Kentucky counties has been lacking ever since the Ky. Post closed. Also, NKU, as well as Kentucky corporate entities, have hitched their wagon to Cincinnati, thus we N.Kyians are losing our identity. It's time for an on-line newspaper with real journalists who don't have a conservative or liberal bias.

  4. Reading it in the Recorder is reading it a week after it happens. Local sports news in NKY is often overlooked because of no local media which publishes on a daily basis.

    That is why a lot of what goes on in local government and schools is often overlooked as people in NKY do not have the time or resources to search a dozen or more websites to become informed.

    Most folks in Ft Thomas and elsewhere in NKY probably do not know that one of the things not said about the impact of the merger or take-over of St. Luke by St Elizabeth hospital is that a guy can't get a vacsetomy in NKY any more. You have to go somewhere in Cincinnati or to Louisville or Lexington.

    A woman who wants or needs her tubes tied after delivery of a child at St E hospital no longer can have that done either.

  5. There was a pretty big article in the Enquirer on Saturday morning. I mean... that's where I get my newspaper news... from the newspaper.