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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Checking in with Cake Towne

Took a walk with my bride and dog up to Cake Towne today and they are open for business. The place looks great. Yes, that is a cut out of a cupcake in the drywall, as well as a little cafe seating area (below). Donna Kirst, one of the owners, was manning the counter.

Cake Towne had a soft opening on Election Day and she told me that they hope to capitalize on the Highlands off campus lunch crowd soon, offering pizza, subs and chili dogs. It looks as if their business plan is on the right track with what should work in Fort Thomas. A look at their mission statement explains it all:

A friendly, quaint neighborhood shop with a wide variety of snacks and sweets with a hometown atmosphere. A place that people want to go because, it's the place to go.

When talking with people around town, is seems as this is the type of business they want. A hometown shop, that adds character to the city, without bringing the traffic.

"In three months, we should have a better idea of our acceptance to town and what is working and what's not," Kirst said. "In three years we hopefully will be in high demand with the wedding and event cakes."

So you can see where the store fits into our community now and where they want to grow the business down the road. I just hope after the chocolate dipped pretzel and peanut butter and jelly cupcake we had today, I can fit into pants this weekend.

If that doesn't entice you enough to go visit them, wait until their gourmet pumpkin pies ($10 and change) hit the shelves. My in laws will think I'm the best baker around. Just hope they don't read this blog.


  1. They have gourmet dog cheaps as well!

  2. I have experienced EXTREMELY POOR service. My order was not fulfilled properly, and they are not willing to fis it or make-good on it. The owner will not even return phone calls. After 3 weeks we gave up. I would not recommend this place to anyone who actually needs something for a special occasion. I would have rather driven 50 miles for good service and assurance that I would get what I ordered.